Microsoft Office Upload Center, SkyDrive sync

I use SkyDrive for all documents, pictures etc. I have on my Windows 8, Xbox, Surface, and Windows Phone device I have. However, when you install Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013, you get that “pesky” Microsoft Office Upload Center tool (feature or bug?) that sits in your System Tray in Desktop mode. It tries to synchronize with SkyDrive by default, but I don’t need that as all the files I have in My Documents and My Pictures are automatically sync’ed with SkyDrive, and thus you get some contention issues, more or less forcing you to save again (experienced using Word 2013), after having just saved your changes. Annoying to say the least…

Now, there hundreds of posts regarding the same flying about, and it seems there is no way to disable the Microsoft Office Upload Center; I even deleted the executable files, but the Office 2013 setup program quickly “fixed” that; thanks Office, but not really needed.

Okay, so I though I’d give the settings in Word a go, and low and behold, if you open the Options dialog box, select the Save tab, and select the option shown below, you can avoid the drafts being saved/uploaded to SkyDrive.