Bitbucket Extension for Visual Studio

I started working in a new company recently, one that uses the Atlassian Bitbucket repository for source control. I\m not a big fan, but it’s Git. Anyway, I needed to integrate it with Visual Studio 2017, so I fired up the Extensions and Updates dialog from the Tools menu. I typed in ‘bitbucket’ in the search field, and found one extension, Visual Studio Bitbucket Extension by NextIteration v. 1.37.1 at the of writing this, which I then downloaded and installed. Unfortunately I couldn’t find in the Source Control section of the Options dialog box, found on the Tools menu; it just wasn’t shown in the Current source control plug-in dropdown list. I closed the Options dialog, and switched to the Team Explorer window which didn’t show the extension either. So, I went to the Visual Studio market place and found another extension by MistyK, Installing that, did the trick, even if this extension was also version 1.37.1, go figure…


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