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OutOfMemoryException in online test

I did an online test the other day, and while the code I had put together did work and passed 3 of the 4 testcases, the failing testcase throw an OutOfMemoryException. I was writing the code in Visual Studio 2017 and copying it to the web-based IDE on TestDome. Now, since I don’t know what the testcase did, I can only assume that it added a very large number of int’s to an array, for which I was to find the kth most common integer in the array. This is my code:

public static int KthMostCommon(int[] a, int k) {
    return a.GroupBy(v => v)
        .OrderByDescending(g => g.Count()).ElementAt(k - 1).Key;

I only got a 66% score for that task, but it dawned on me, that I should have tried using a byte array instead. Trying it with the following call to the method and obviously changing the method signature to accept a byte array instead of a an int array, worked a charm.

var t = Enumerable.Repeat<byte>(0, 1000000000)
    .Select(i => (byte) randNum.Next(minValue, maxValue)).ToArray();
var x = KthMostCommon(t, 2);

What would you have done, not knowing the number of integers that was in the array?


I obviously couldn’t have changed the method signature as suggested in the actual test, as that would have caused all unit tests to fail. Another option is to pass the int array and convert to a byte array, and then disposing of the int array before processing the byte array.

var bytes = new byte[a.Length * 4]; 
for (var i = 0; i < a.Length; i++)
     Array.Copy(BitConverter.GetBytes(a[i]), 0, bytes, i * 4, 4);
a = null; 

Mind you, it would probably be better changing the processing alltogether… 🙂